Donut Folding Bicycle by Arvind M–Design–Gear.html

Nice and smart design, just look the way the pedals retract into the frame…

But I’m afraid it would be much too heavy, even made out of carbon :frowning:

I’ve seen soo many of these cad designs most are pretty cool but almost 99% of them never make it into a real physical bike model. They then find there are design problems once you actually have to ride it like drive train issues and actual comfort.

Most look cool but some of them i doubt anyone would want to ride more than 100 meters with it. Even this neat little design looks good but i’m looking at the wide body frame it would feel like you are trying to pedal a tractor. Your thighs would be scraping against the frame, I bet that wouldnt be fun after 20 meters!

I just noticed the pedals are nothing but pegs and adding any pedals destroys the folding. its a neat design but you might as well walk cause the distance you would want to cover with this bike wouldn’t be too pleasant.

Probably why Mark Sanders took a very long time to design and perfect his strida. it’s simple and very usable too! Mark had a physical protoype and did TONs of redesign tweaks to get a real bike out. that’s good design and production! Which is why I have never seen another ground breaking design out in production like the strida. Easy to do on cad but hard to get into a physical design. and to do the above bike in carbon it’ll be costing more than it’s worth for the short distance ride you would be doing with it hahaha!