Dont try this at home

I took my Strida through the forest today. eeek! :open_mouth:

No harm done but was quite fun, what with it raining and muddy.

There was a bit of bike fest in Walthamstow Town Square today, and Lea valley cycling club lead out three rides. I went on the longer one from the high street, down to the canal, up to the Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge in Epping Forest. Which was OK. Then it was back to the High Street. People on thin wheeled racers departed in a separate group to head back by road.

I was feeling a bit crazy so joined the party cutting back through the forest :laughing:

I didn’t fall over as much as the policeman (we had two with us which were very useful crossing roads on mass). Though when I did the pedal folded itself on the side i went down on. I’m glad the pedals don’t fold like some others I’ve seen where you have to pull them out (rather than push them in) else I might have damaged it. I noticed when I got home a nice dent and crack in my helmet.

It was manageable in the mud in a straight line but as soon as I had to to turn the back just stepped out and swung like Tiger Woods. Down hill I took to taking both feet off the pedals, skimming my feet along the ground in a kind of wheel assisted ski fashion. Up hill I just got off and ran to keep up.

I noticed the belt slipped a couple of times which hasn’t happened to be before, and theres a noise on each pedal stroke which I hope stops in the dry.

Suppose I better clean it. I’ll either hose it down or take it in the shower.

Yesterday a woman dropped her shopping bag when I pulled up at a junction though it could have been a co-incidence.

We often go through a forest park - it’s great fun & the Stridas always generate lots of interest. The last time there were a group of mountain bikers & one woman in their group said “Wow, you did well around that Course!” People automatically assume the small wheels will only go slowly :slight_smile:

Mud is the only terrain we’ve found the belt doesn’t like, as it just slips. Dunking the rear wheel in a pond or available water helps :slight_smile:

Maybe she dropped her bag in surprise :slight_smile: