Does your chain vibrate when it's wet?

Hey I was wondering if anyone have this weird problem with their strida. When riding in the rain yesterday I noticed there was a vibration noise coming from the chainring area. Upon closer inspection when I got home, while pedalling the crank the bottom belt sticks a little when leaving the chainring and the entire bottom part of the exposed belt starts to vibrate like crazy as if my bottom bracket is grinding something. But this problem goes away after everything is dried out. Does this mean my belt is a bit loose? it feels well tensioned though when I push down on it according to the strida manual.

Not had that noise. Have you tried loosening the belt tension ? (but check that the rear snubber bearing has only a v small gap above back of belt). I try and run my belt as loose as possible without slipping - this seems to give lowest resistance and i’m sure is better for all the bearings.

hmmm yeah the belt is loose enough but I noticed the sound when cranking it and looking was that it was coming from the front chain wheel, seems like when it’s wet it’s gripping onto the belt a little longer before it lets go. When it does it fast enough it seems to be causing the vibration. Once the entire thing is dried the grippyness disappears on the front chain wheel. Not too annoying since I’m a fair weather biker just a tad annoying sound when I gotta get home from the rain.