does the diginexx forum ban people speaking their minds?


Seems like I was banned trying to chat it up (bring back to life) on a barely active site on their singapore strida forums at Diginexx. I’m was before wondering why is that site sooo inactive and now learned that they ban anyone and speaks questions/criticizes their government. All I did was criticize their governments transportation rules about folding bikes and then found out I was banned. Weird not like I was swearing or flaming any body, wow they really don’t like people that are different!

I guess if they want to keep it a make believe happy land where only happy thoughts are allowed I guess they achieved their goal but it just feels like any posting there would be done only by happy clones and looking through rosy tinted glasses unfortunately. Was a neat folding bike site even though there is only new posts once a year now. I can still see it easily by changing my IP but really can’t be bothered with nothing to see when all good forum chats are stopped. It’s too bad but at least this forum and bikeforums have some pretty good back and forth action!

I heard that any topic, other than Brompton gets banned :smiley:

heh kinda true but then again last postings on 99% of those subforums date back to 2009. I was surprised there was even anyone there to mod! oh yeah since that forum is run by the store I guess they want you to buy the more expensive models. oh well I’m not missing anything on that ghost town of a forum since my posts where the most recent in like months. So as long as I got access to stridaforum and bikeforums i’m good :smiley: