Distributor for Spain and Europe

Hi everyone.
I wanted to know if you know the best distributor for Spain, of components and accessories.
I have seen the French website but they have 35 euros for shipping, it is a lot, although they are cheap. then there is the Holland website which is more expensive but less shipping costs. I do not know if there is another, I have not found it.

The truth is that I have come a little late to this world of Strida (although as they say, it’s never too late). It is a pity that the Spanish website and many others disappeared. everything I find on the web is either very old and no longer useful or has already disappeared.
Thank you very much in advance,

Hi Joey,

yes you’re right sadly, the situation in Europe is not the best.
It is really weird, because there are many parts in stock at the German distributor, their stock is HUGE. :open_mouth:
Just, they are not selling directly to customers - and their dealers are (mostly) not interested to initiate a webshop, just for selling a few parts online. :confused:
Of course, please feel free to ask them directly yourself if they would sell Strida parts to you:
(My guess is that they will recommend you to talk to a dealer.)
May I recommend that you contact me in private about this theme?
Possibly there are things which I couldn’t tell in public. :sunglasses:

Edit: For me, the situation still looks much better than at that time when I was late to the party myself…in 2010… :laughing:

Back then:
The European main distributor was VanMoof and you could order directly.
The typical order looked like this; 1 part A, 1 x B and 1 x C.
They sent always; no part A, 2 x B and 1 x X.
You could bet on this.

My local Austrian dealer orders online at MSA.
One, two weeks later I pick up the parts.
Success rate 95%, price moderate.
Alternatively Strida Canada West.

Kind regards,