Dimensions Strida 5.0 SX folded - exact numbers needed

Hallo folks!
I’m thinking about getting a Strida SX for quite some time and one thing is still bothering me: The dimensions given by Strida/Ming seem to be a bit inaccurate and there are many contradicting numbers on the web (and I did not find any clarifying numbers in this forum).

So, here’s what I need to know to decide if a Strida really is what I’m looking for:
Could anyone please be so kind and measure the exact dimensions of a folded 5.0 SX?

Of particular interest is the dimension marked in the image attached: Height – in the sense of the absolutely highest point excluding the rack – when folded and laid flat on the floor. Additional info like tyres installed and position of the saddle would be greatly appreciated.

Background is that the SX would need to fit into my locker at work. I’m sure it does fit while the locker’s door remains open but as I’d love to keep my (prospective) bike it would be splendid if I could close the door with the bike inside… which appears to be a matter of millimetres.

Many thanks in advance!

Hi Simon, I have been working on a answer, but it may depend on how tall you are and where the seat mount is positioned. The size in the Strida site for the SX with 18 inch wheel is, 45.2 x 20 x 9 (115cm x 51cm x 23cm) But I think the 51 cm is with the seat mount set at a high position. With the seat mount set in a middle position and the saddle pushed forward on the mount the measurement is closer to 54 cm. If you tell me your height I can estimate the seat mount position and provide another measurement. Also if you have the Q/R seat mount and have the seat pin in the high position you could raise the saddle before putting the bike in the locker. This post explains the Q/R seat mount and may help, stridacanada.ca/strida-qr-seat-mount-explained/


Hello Simon,

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Let met rotate that; mainly because she should not stand at her beltwheel…
and also I can use this older pic:

Here is for my meaning more obvious what you suspected - the minimum height depends on the saddle (and its mounting position) - and you will notice here also that the minimum height will be achieved with the seat molding in its upmost position.
I’ve used above bike (nowadays equivalent to an SX) to measure the height in the upmost QRS position and the lowest (Seatpin in upper position*).

*Do you know in which position is yours?

Distance of saddle nose to seat tube about 3 - 4 cm (that means the original saddle in a neutral position, can be moved forward or backwards a few cm’s)

QRS in upmost position means minimum height of 53 cm
(Steering clamp safe within this distance while the brake cables touch the line.)

QRS in lowest position means minimum height of 56 cm
(Also a few mm’s room.)

Tyre size doesn’t really matter for the dimension mentioned above, btw.

Regarding saddle has to be said that NOT all of them fit, below’s why:

From saddle nose to saddle rail (axis) there’s a certain distance required.

Have fun with your new bike,


Bill and Chris, many thanks for your replies!

I’m 183cm/6’ tall with fairly long legs at 92cm/3’. So the seat pin would be in the upper position, right?

Judging from your answers the SX might be a tight (mis)fit for my locker which is exactly 49.7cm/19.6” deep. However, repositioning the seat mount and/or removing the saddle and/or deflating the tyres for storage wouldn’t be a problem – this would only have to happen once a month with tools and skills easily available and the bike could be suspended in the locker so neither the belt nor the tyres would suffer.

Do you think - or even know - if an SX without its saddle/seat mount meets the depth requirements mentioned above?

Thanks for your help!

Yes, that’s correct.

And how wide?
I mean - storing it a bit diagonally tilted inside of the locker?

I believe that it is possible to save about 8 cm by detaching of saddle and carrier (this would be just two bolts + nuts.)

…and as above - I think it’d make sense if you tell a width - unmounting a saddle is not a problem here :smiling_imp:

May I ask where you’re located?

Map of Strida Owners

Perhaps there’s a friendly Strida owner near you who would stuff her into your locker experimentally :bulb:

Hallo again folks,
sorry it took me so long to post a reply.
After taking encouraging measurments at my local dealer’s display bike I did the only reasonable thing to do and had them order me an SX which I used for a month now an which currently takes a break neatly stowed in my locker.

And here’s how it fits: as mentioned, my locker is 49.7 cm deep and the SX fills 49.5 cm after sliding the saddle fully forward. So there’s still a comfy 2mm gap between the saddle and my locker’s door :sunglasses: .
By the way: the locker’s width isn’t problematic at all as it is 30 cm with a door 25 cm wide. I got rid of the standard folding pedals and installed quick-release pedals (MKS Promenade EZY) so my bike is 21 cm wide now.