CycloTEC, a mode of transport which combines bus and Strida
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In Belgium, the TEC, a public transport company, rents customized Strida LT for 200 Eur/year. This price includes the rental of the foldable bicycle, its annual maintenance and an all risk insurance, including theft. The rental has of course to be combined with a bus pass. More info here:

Considering the price of a new Strida, I am personally not convinced by this formula, but I am happy that they have chosen the Strida vs. other folding bikes. Their choice is the result of a feasibility study conducted in 2008 - 2009 with about 10 users who tested Strida’s 3.2 & 3.3.
The TEC claims that their feedback led to the development of a new Strida (the LT?). Apart from the advertising “sail” in the middle of the frame and apart from the frame protection and the kickstand, I don’t see anything special. This is pure marketing talk!!

How is that initiative working out, do you see a lot of TEC Stridas on the streets?

Well, I haven’t seen one yet, but it is because I am working in Flanders where this system does not exist (other transport company). And during the week-end, not many people commute…
As the system has been lauched in April 2010, it is probably too early to draw conclusions. As soon as I have some numbers, I will let you know.

I have the numbers for 2010 now: on a total of 197.537 people who had a year card, only 42 (forty two!) combined it with the rental of the CycloTEC. But the Cyclotec has been launched in April 2010, so it explains the poor success of it in 2010.