Crouched riding position and standard steer

Since some weeks, I have stated that I seat more rearwards on the saddle which affects the comfort. This occurs mainly when there is face wind, so when I want to minimize my frontal area.
I am not sure but I guess it is because I tend to stretch my arms when I lean forward, but to do so with the standard steer, I shift my buttocks to the rear.

I am 180 cm tall (5 ft 11") and my legs never touch the steer, that is why I never purchased the bent one.

Have people experienced the same problem and would the bent steer solve it by allowing my arms to stretch a bit more? Or is the Strida geometry definitely not compatible with an aerodynamic riding position?

Here is an article written by Mark Sanders, the inventor of Strida, about cycling posture. :wink:
[url]Cycling Posture - Upright is Right!]

Hi Bietrume,

honestly, I do not want to annoy you, but if you want to ride more fast, here is my recommendation:


Ok, that’s off topic, sorry…

Wow first thing is, this is a custom made recumbent! I really do not have like 6000+ usd for this! hahah and secondly I would not feel safe riding this in my city streets at all! also any car beside you on a stop light and you will just inhale their fumes right in your face! :open_mouth:

I prefer the strida cause it’s high up and you can see everything when riding. But on youtube someone did try to add some curved barends to get into a crouching position. … WjdczyY%3D

What they did here won’t stretch you out some more but at least it will let you crouch down when going into a strong headwind temporarily. You can’t do this for long in this position without feeling uncomfortable.

The fat guy they mentioned in the video was me. :blush:

Hej Amuro, let them talk…

I’ve seen several pics of you, you are not fat, maybe just a little bit to small for your weight… :smiley:

If you’re fat, then I am a beanpole :blush:

So what…

Here a few pics of K_Life’s SD K.Custom 2011edition:
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Origin8 Drop bar ends
MKS FD-7 folding pedals

HL-EL450 Headlight
TL-LD570 Taillight
CC-COM10W Wireless commuter

TBX01 BarXtender
TCM01 CageMount
TMD05B Modula Cage EX
TC2501B TriBag
TC2256B Wedge Pack
Allay Sport 1.1 saddle

Weight 12,6 kg

Thanks! :smiley:

Hi guys,

Well indeed, I am used to easily ride through the wind because I’ve owned a Raptobike low racer which I have replaced this year with a Meta Bikes Metaphysic .(it’s not me nor my bike on the pic because mine is brand new!)
The Meta Bikes is a little bit less aerodynamic but more efficient in the hills (lighter, stiffer), less sensitive to the road surface (big wheels) and more visible. I agree that these bikes are not ideal to ride in the city or to commute, that is why I have a Strida as well :smiley:

But let’s come back to the topic and let me formulate my question differently: for the ones who equipped their Strida with the bent steer: are they able to pedal more efficiently/more comfortably when the pedaling effort is high?

By the way, it looks like Strida Europe does not propose the bent steer anymore as accessory :question:

Wow, very interesting bike, thanks for posting Bietrume!

The main reason for me to change to the bent steering was the steady knee - steering bar contact (1,89m tall). For my feeling, the bent bars made it possible to give more pressure onto the pedals, but I’m not used to ride in crouched stance.

Maybe it is out of stock at the moment.
You should also know that Vanmoof (sometimes) has parts, which are not present at the website, for example the quick release seat molding.
(Sometimes are parts present which are not in stock.)
Did you ask for the bent steering?


“I like this thread:Crouched riding position and standard steer.Thanks for sharing”

I finally purchased the bent steer and I am really happy with it: I noticed an increase of my speed which I explain by the better seating position allowing to put more force on the pedals.

Another advantage is that the steering has become less nervous: the longer bars have increased the rotation inertia.

The only point I don’t like is that the outer brake cable extensions are a bit too long, so the cables now interfere with the locking mechanism of the bars.

I would certainly recommend the bent steer to anyone wishing to go fast on his Strida! :smiley:

Guess you’ve noticed that the cable connectors are slightly adjustable…which is not obvious from the outside, I mean.
The spring inside the connector can be removed without un- and remounting of the brake cable;
is the mentioned “bit” equal to ~ 4 mm?

Well no, I had not noticed that the inner parts of the connectors were adjustable as it is not mentionned in the assembly notice. I am not sure it will help the problem because I estimate the cables to be 30mm too long, which is the length of the connectors :frowning: But I will give it a try and let you know.

What is the function of the spring? Taking care that the screw flies away when you unscrew it totally? :laughing:

Ah, a bigger bit :smiley:
So you would have to shorten the brake cable hose and therefore to contrive the brake cables again…

:laughing: …hmm, not sure, maybe?

I believe that the spring is meant as some kind of thread locking (or blocking)…