Crooked Seat


Just bought my Strida LT recently. I noticed that the plastic mounting seems to be slanted or crooked to the left. Any idea how I could rectify this problem?


Hello and welcome bryson,

if you bought a new Strida there should be warranty for the seat molding.
In that case you should contact your local dealer immediately, according to the Strida website for Singapore:

Mighty Velo Pte Ltd - formerly Diginexx
239 Lavender Street Singapore 338783
Tel: +65-63966280 Fax: +65 6396 6281

If your Strida was bought second hand you might ask for a spare part quote too.

You might also replace the old seat molding with the quick release seat molding ST-QRS-001.

As the seat molding is very important for your safety, I suggest you do not try to repair this part yourself :wink:

Do you have pics of the damage, please?

Kind regards,