crap crap CRAP! - my belt drive broke!

i was waiting for the traffic light to turn green, and when it did, i started to pedal but SHUNK - my pedals went loose.

i thought the belt had just slipped off or something so i quickly move onto the sidewalk and when i look down, the belt has completely snapped and is on the ground.

crap crap crap. and my strida is only 3 months old!!
i’ll try to post pics in the future.

this better be under warranty cause i certainly haven’t been misusing my strida.

Wow you must have thighs of ham :smiley: … those things are kevlar reinforced and meant to last 50,000 miles !!

Seriously, I think the only weakness on belt drives is if they are kinked … ie bent back over on itself at some stage (maybe in the factory ?) … this kills their strength (as anyone who has ever bought a a replacement auto cam drive belt will know … has warnings written in BLOOD !).
I am sure those good folk at Strida will replace it for you FOC (I bought one as a spear 3 year ago an haven’t used it … cost about 20 bucks from UK)

sigh… now instead of biking to work in ~10 minutes, i have to walk to take the bus/walk and that adds up to aroudn ~30 min…