Crank arm hitting against bike Rack

When my Strida LT is folded, if I need to pull it towards me in some situations like avoiding pedestrian, the left crank arm would rotate backwards then hit onto the side of my rack then get stuck. When this happens, I need to lift my bike up, rotate the crank arm forward.
In other words, I can only push my folded Strida forward since the crank arms won’t rotate while you push forward.

Anyone had the same problem?
Is there any thing I can do about my problem?

Hello Alert,

the mentioned movement of the cranks is a normal feature of the freewheel,
there’s no way to “switch off” this characteristic.
You should only push, but not pull “her” :smiley:

But you might try the following:

Fold your LT not fully (B),

I mean hold the bottom tube in the position like shown below - A - (more here How much play in Strida 5 belt? ):

Now try again to rotate the cranks, depending on your seat height (and therefore the height of the carrier’s edge), it might work…

If the cranks are free you can order this part,

it is usually supplied on all EVOs and should be available at your local dealer.

Thank you for the advice. I never know Strida can be folded in a slightly different way. Hmm…maybe I should buy that clip and see if it solves my problem. For now, I shall avoid pulling my Strida in backward motion.

No friend with an EVO or a Strida mini near you?
Maybe you could borrow the part for a test from your local store?