Comedy sketch in Hong Kong features OneTouch Can Opener

Comedy sketch in Hong Kong … just happens to feature OneTouch can opener designed by Mark Sanders, the father of Strida.

Here is the translation.

Title: One Minute

Salesman: Sir, may I bother you a min? Would you come and open a can, for free.

Salesman said “1 min and 20 secs”, please try to open it with this electric can opener.

The guy: Are you asking me to buy because it’s faster?

Salesman: Nonono, the issue is how fast it is and what for.

The guy used up a min…

“Sir, you have saved a min!”

“So what?” The guy said.

“Sir, have you realised what did you do just now? Your hands are free for a min! You get absolute freedom!”

The guy said: “Dude, the fact is that I am jobless now, I have plenty of time so what do I need a free min for???”

"Sir, a min is not a min, a min can use to delete ten useless apps (Iphone I guess he’s referring to lol), you can type 108 words per min in a week! Time has unlimited potential! You buy this not for yourself but perhaps for the elderly? As you know they find it difficult to open a can as it requires lots of twisting. You buy it and you can change your life just because you save time, this is an important decision! And it only cost HK$120.

Sir: Ok, I will buy it…you got your point…

Sir made a phone call: "Mum, it’s me. Hm…I just won an electric can opener in my company’s lucky draw, and I think it might suit you…

Salesman talked to his manager: Mgr, please don’t fire me…I won’t be late next time…Sorry…

That’s the end of the story, and this is not an ad., it is produced by a production house.