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You’re right!

No, they still have the rights for years…

more here: Re: Has anyone retrofitted a schlumpf on their strida?

Fully correct, the price seems good at first sight but there might be a little problem if you want to order an ATS speed drive separately for Strida!

Please check yourself, as far as I know ATS does not supply a few additional for Strida needed things:
The 80 teeth beltwheel, the belt, there is no excentric bottom bracket…

You should know that the 80 teeth beltwheel of an Original Schlumpf speed drive is in fact made in Taiwan, at the Ming cycle company! :exclamation:

(I’ve asked Mr. Schlumpf if it would be possible to create a custom beltwheel, the new wheel should have 82 or more teeth :mrgreen:
Sadly not possible, told Mr. Schlumpf, because he has the Taiwanese Originals only.)

Could somebody please check whether the 80 t. beltwheel is available as a spare part by Ming/Strida at Philippines?