Choice between Strida EVO and DUO speed

First sorry for my bad english. I try to read all the post in this forum, but in fact, to many info for me and well…please help me to choose. :question:

i can buy a used but in good health Strida 5 Duo the price : 800€ . The rear wheel is slightly veiled
in the other hand, i found only one shop who sell strida duo speed 2012 for 999€ and of course, strida EVO is 1290€

I don’t have lots of money.
I allready know Duo have 2 speed, Evo 3 and speed is lighter.

1) question
Is there really a difference in use between the two models ?
I 'll use it primarily in the city. There are a few climbs

2) question
Is it possible to repair the wheel if it is only slightly twisted?

Thanks all.

Hello zetaz,

welcome at Stridaforum!

Please don’t worry, many of us can’t speak English 100% correct :blush:
But that doesn’t matter… :laughing:

I mean most important is your direct impression, is there any chance for you to ride both versions?
(You aren’t accidentally planning to visit Vienna in the near future?)

Are you really sure that the 5 Duo is in good condition?
Can you tell me if that is an original Strida duo (and not a retro-fitted one)?
The original ones are supplied with the ATS speed drive.
If that’s the case I’d recommend to let the drive check by an experienced bike mechanic - just to be sure it’s OK.

For question 1:

I’d say riding a two speed is just like riding a three speed without the middle gear…
Sure, on flat surface and heavy headwind could the middle gear be very helpful.

And the gear switching procedure is quite different:
Pedaling backwards for 120 degree (EVO) vice-versa kicking the shift plate above the cranks sideways left and right (Duo).

One thing might be of interest if you’re heavy:
The EVO will come with the newer, reinforced frame, the Duo most likely with the older (not EN compliant) frame version.

For question 2:

Would it be possible to see the twisted wheel?

That’s hard to tell without knowing exactly what’s the issue;
if the rim was bent I’d replace the complete wheel, if it’s just untrue I’ll tell you gladly how to fix that.

However, I think 800 € for a bike with a more or less broken wheel (even if the drive is 100% OK) is a bit too much.
Why was the wheel broken?
Are there any other (accident) marks?
All these are reasons to decrease the price, you might invest the saved money into new wheels (maybe 18 inch?).
Btw - wheels - as I’m using DIY wheels only I’ve several slightly used original 16" and 18" wheels laying around…

Hello Blackstridaaustria
i just see the bike on internet and have a short email from the seller

for the whell, it climb the sidewalks a bit strong
he tell me he buy this strida in official shop so i think it’s an original.

i never try stida so i don’t know what is the best
thank you

Really nice with the all-black rims, wished the picture resolution would be higher.

Sorry, what did you mean for the wheel, maybe you could try different words?

Did you already ride small-wheeled bikes?
Often they’re more wobbly and twitchy than usual (26, 28 inch) wheeled bikes.
I’ve met several people which couldn’t ride a Strida (properly) - they meant it’s too nervous.

“She” is simply not made for everyone…
You should try before :sunglasses: