Changing wheel cartridge bearings

Has anyone had experience changing the cartridge bearings on Strida 5’s wheels? After some research, I found the specs: 24mm x 12mm x 6mm (6901 or 61901). Is it possible to do this at home? Or should I leave it to the LBS or even send the wheels back to Areaware?

I just had to change my belt, and as a consequence, dove in and had to remove the rear wheel. Not too hard a job to do, and thanks to the folks (esp John) at Areaware who talked me through it.

Now having had a good look at the rear wheel, and the cartridge bearings, I’d say the correct removal procedure is to place a rod or even screwdriver through the hub and against the bearing on the other side, and gently tap it out. Cartridge bearings are usually press to fit, and held in place. So gently tap it out until there is a gap and continue to work it out.

Your post got me thinking. I’d have to say that most of my rear wheel friction comes from the freehub, and also, if the belt is too tight, I have a lot of rolling friction. I’d try adjusting the belt before changing the bearings. Realistically, they should have a lot of life in them, except if exposed to a lot of gritty conditions that work their way past the seals.


I removed my rear wheel and took a close look at the bearings. It turned out the cartridge bearings used on Strida 5 (at least on mine) are of 6001 not 6901. The correct dimensions are 12x28x8. After digging around a bit more, I realized 6901 is for Strida 3 bikes.

I’m about to remove my rear wheel due to a 18" upgrade.

I don’t quite get how you’re supposed to do. Could anyone please elaborate on


Replacing wheels is relatively straightforward. What’s being discussed here is replacing bearings. If you do have problems changing your wheels, do a search on this site and you should be able to find more info.

Actually; I did …and found no info on the subject.

English isn’t my first language, so that might be it.

Could I please ask you for link(s) to any of the threads you’re referring to?