Changing rear brake cable on Strida LT

Strida LT Rear brake cable replacement

Rear brake cable would move brake arm freely. Cable frayed internally and could not be pulled out of frame without cutting it up.
Bought Jaguire Universal rear brake cable from Niagara Cycle on line.
Cut off ball end with good sharp diagonal cutters (Strida brake handle needs barrel end).
Removed cable from casing and greased it. Squirted Kroil (penetraiting oil made by Kano Laboratories) into end of brake cable casing.
Put a light coating of grease on outside of cable casing to make it easier to feed through the frame. Feed the bare end of casing (no ferrel) into hole at rear wheel end of frame. It hung up a bit about 90% of the way through, but pushed it in and out with some turning, and made it through. Fed it through spring protector and plastic guide at ball joint end of frame. I’m not sure these are needed, as I kept the entire cable casing intact, not planning to split it anywhere along the distance to the brake handle. Fed the casing through the upper frame section until I could see it at the exit hole, then backed it up a bit, inserted a loop of cable tie into the frame through the exit hole, poked the casing forward until in the loop, then pulled the casing end up through the exit hole. Measured the casing needed to make it to the brake handle entry, and cut it there with a good sharp wire cutter. It mashed the casing a little, but I opened it with a steel probe (a small nail might work).
Fed the greased cable through the casing carefully to avoid any fraying of the strands. Had to used a little push pull and twisting, but it fed through successfully. Attached it to the brake on the rear wheel, cut it to length with the good sharp wire cutters, and applied a small length of crimpable cable end to prevent fraying. Adjusted tension just to where the brake does not slow wheel, and tightened bolt on brake arm. Done!

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