Changing foam bar grips

Hi everyone. I’m a new Strida owner from Bristol UK.
I got my new Strida SX this summer and found straight away it has a tendency to be light on the front wheel when going up steep hills. It’s a combination of one gear and the upright posture on a short wheelbase I presume.
I thought that the bended steer bars might improve that as it puts your weight more forwards so before asking anyone here I bought a set
I haven’t had chance to try them yet but I did notice the grips on the new bars weren’t as nice as the original ones. Are they easy to replace? Can I take the originals off without damaging them and put them on the new bended bars?
Great to know you are all out there.

Happy riding

Welcome TomF,

the (original) grips are indeed very easy to replace,
but sadly the required “tool” is not available in common households - compressed air!

Nono, I’m not kidding…please search for somebody in your neighbourhood who has an air gun.
Like that, preferably long nozzle:

The best angle to create the air buffer between grip and handlebar tube will be found quickly, you’ll be surprised how easy it actually is to “blow” the grips off - and on again.

O course, you might also use a few drops of water for un- and remounting, but don’t forget to wait for drying…

Please do not use any grease, fat or oil!

Have a safe ride :smiley:

Thanks Blackstridaaustria

I have access to such a thing at work so I’ll give it a go when I get a moment.
I’m so glad I asked.