Catalogue Strida 2012 France

Worth seeing… :smiley:


What do you think means the color “effet miroir”? :mrgreen:

Chrome, right? BTW when visiting Paris this summer we had a guided bike tour which I enjoyed a lot. These guys ride Bromptons – need to show this catalog to them :slight_smile:

Seems you’re right, this language is a mystery for me…

‘Effet miroir’ means ‘mirror effect’, so I deduce indeed that the frame is chrome plated or polished with a transparent coating.

Yes, that should be chrome plated, like mentioned here.

I’m really sorry to say that the French Strida guys seem to be a bit strange:

-At the shop is no “effet miroir” Strida available…
(If they announce a chrome one, they should be prepeared that anybody WANTS one)

-Ordering a freewheel for 29 € would cost additional 32,50 € shipping…
(Hej, we’re both in Europe, that’s not overseas :unamused: )

-Running an internet shop means you should be able to speak English…
(Hope the French nation will recognize sometimes that English speaking is needed to understand the whole World, it’s NOT a prostration for the Queen)

Maybe we should post it at a Brompton forum? :smiling_imp:

Aren’t all French people a little strange (from our point of view)? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

He had one at the shop, when I visited. Maybe it was sold? He speaks English, but not THAT well. However he repairs Stridas and rides a Strida himself as well. :slight_smile:

Shipping costs depends a lot on the amount you do, so small shops have higher fees. But that is a little to much for the freewheel, yeah.