Carry me has competition now :)

I’ve no idea where to post this but the off topic chat.

I didn’t realize this but the abike runs on 8 inch tires now “officially” hmmm what’s the gear inches on the carry me single speed? cause the abike is around 46 gear inches or so which isn’t bad for such a tiny thing and it folds much smaller than a CM.

Where do one buy those tyres?

According to the a-bike web site, the tyre size is 32-200 with an impressive max pressure of 90 psi.

well the spares are sold on their very own site under the spare parts section: … f28656c282

but also seems like others are saying they can now use the carry me tires also further increasing their tire choices.

I’m sooo wanting an abike one day to complement my strida but the price and the wife are the limiting factors :blush: .

well at least i’ll have fun slowly upgrading my strida since that’s more of a real bike and i got a 100km ride in 3 weeks with it. I wouldn’t do that on an abike.

Here is gear ratio information about different types of tiny wheeled folding bikes: :wink: