Carradice Camper LongFlap

I got a Carradice Camper Longflap for touring. I think the style matches the Strida quite nice. The Camper is a large bag (24l), but they have smaller bags in the same style, too. I am still waiting for the small Junior bag. The bags attach to the saddle loops of the Brooks Flyer.

Here is an additional strap included to fix the bag to the seat post. This is a little to short. I ordered additional longer straps with the Junior.

Hey Tom

I know it’s an old post but can you repost those pictures of you and your carradice? i wanted to see how it hangs on the strida because i’m looking at the carradice long flap. Just need something bigger to go to work with.


Fixed the images. Here is an additional picture of the Carradice Junior.


after looking at the pictures is seems like the carradice bags perfectly rest on the strida rack which is perfect so I don’t have to go around hunting for another system to carry a bunch of stuff. Only thing though is that my seat does not have loops so I will be using mini carabiners off of my seat railing to hold it down.

Carradice provides some solutions:

Cycle loops:

Saddlebag Clamp:

Quick Release (Not sure that this will fit on the Strida):

This is very good info because of the pics I’ve went to wiggle and ordered a nelson longflap. will be great to stuff my things in there on my way to work instead of the multiple bags i usually need (handlebar and the tiny strida rack bag). One thing I won’t need are the loop clips cause apparently my specialized expedition plus saddle has a crossbar between the two springs at the bottom, so that way I can easily just lash it onto there cause it’s a pretty thick piece of metal. Might take till may before I get this cause it’s out of stock but the price is like 60-70 cdn which I can wait for. The local store here was selling it for 180 cdn plus tax. yeah no thanks I’ll wait. I’ll try to post to see how much junk can one put into this bag.

Finally got my Carradice Longflap and just wanted to say “LOVE IT”

I can easily carry my lunch, work clothes and still have alot of space to spare (like a tent!) this bag is great and totally complements the strida on using it as a commuting bike to work. here’s some pics I took when I first got it and started to install it on the bike. Only problem encountered was the short strap for the seatpost mount on the bag:

and how I ended up mounting it to my spring seats since I don’t have those loops. Worked great though without any swaying with just these two mounting points:

Now the problem was that it was a total pain to remove and add this to my bike without wasting 5 minutes to remove or put it back on so I was looking for a better solution and ended up with this at my local camping store, the top part was held together with small carabiners which the bag can easily be removed and installed in seconds now. As an added bonus with the carabiners I can hook them up to a laptop strap and use the bag as a shoulder bag for my other commutes by subway. Else usually I’ll just leave the carabiners on and take the bag off when it’s in the office.

Last part is the seatpost mount and in order to keep it fast and quick I chose to use a nylon strap 20cm wide from with those quick release latches so I can take it on and off right away:

Over all it works great even though the top part looks loose there is very little sway movement since the carabiners are pulled outwards by the leather loops because it’s wider than that and the seatpost strap is on pretty tight. Also the bag is actually resting on the rack so it’s able to handle the weight without stressing the upper loops.

All I can say is this is a must have for any stridanaut that uses their bike for commuting and wishes they had a little more space than the original strida rack bag (which was only enough for a small lunch!!!) now I can put everything and the kitchen sink in there.