Can you fold a 18" schwalble kojak tire??

Hey guys, I’ve popped one of my kojaks and it tore open from glass on the road so then I ordered two new 18" innova tires from replaced both tires and now have a kojak tire with the folding bead. Is there a way to fold this tire up so I can keep it for my long rides as a spare?? It seems like if I try to fold it the bends might damage the kevlar lining in the tire which will make it useless when you really need it. Anyone tried folding a spare tire with them on longer trips?

One more thing I think Amuro might be able to answer this one. Did remove their strida pdf catalog of all the good parts and add ons? I can’t find it anymore on their site and they carry more stuff then strida Europe and strida North america.



Hi Ed,

A tyre with folding Kevlar beads can be folded up compactly just like those folded wide MTB tyres selling in bike shops. Even a tyre with steel wire beads can also be folded. :wink:

Yes, GUM removed the outdated PDF catalogue file from their website. However, you can still find it on the Wayback Machine website. :wink:



Thanks! that tire folding video is awesome! Sheldon rocks.