Can i get replacement Cog for back wheel??

Hi all

I am a new poster, & a new Strida 5 owner which i bought on eBay ( yes it is an original, & in Red which is not a common colour in the UK).

Here comes the problem, the guy that i bought it off four days ago, had fitted the Strida stand which i did not think would be needed, so today i tried removing it, and noticed the Bolt was quite long & could not find a smaller one. Any way, i replaced the original stand back on & continued with my commute home… well tried to, i opened the bike up & started to pick up speed…then i heard a cracking sound, stopped the bkie & found the belt had come off at the rear, i slipped it back on & continued, but as soon as i tried putting pressure on the crank it slipped off again.

i finally gave up & folded it up & got on to Public transport. The Cog on the back wheel had lost most of the guides it has to hold the belt in position.

It was only when i got home today i looked at the user manual, in which it shows to change the tension the bolt which is holding the Stand leg is the one to move to adjust the tension…just my luck.

Anyway, now i am left with a nice shiny Strida 5 which i hae only ridden for 2.5 days which i need to get a new cog fitted onto the back wheel.

My question is…Can the part be bought seperately? Is it expensive to repair & where can i get it fixed?

I am grateful for any help as i was getting used to riding my Strida.

Thanks in advance


You can buy the part through the Strida supply chain.

I recently bought a new Kenda tyre from this guy in Kent who supplies new Stridas and parts from stock (see link below). Some of the strida sellers order their parts from Holland and charge a ton for delivery like my local seller. This guy charges delivery at cost. It arrived two days after I spoke to him on the phone. He seems a really helpful chap and I know other people who have dealt with him (Ringo on this forum gave me his name. He got a new rear wheel from this supplier).

The part is quite cheap - just a few quid as I recall. It used to be advertised and priced on the Strida website, but you can’t order online from their new site now.

Good luck - you should have better success once you get this sorted. There should be no ‘popping’ at the back as the belt slips over the pulley. I’ve never had it once on my Strida copy.

Thanks for the help Evilv

Will try giving him a ring 2moro.

Do you know if it is easy to fix???

Also where the crank is, on the left hand side (not belt side) there is a hole which looks like it sould have a bolt in it, am i missing something important?



You can order the part from one of the dealers of Strida in the UK:

Coincidentally, I just ordered a new freewheel as well, directly from Strida Netherlands. They told me that replacing it is a bit tricky, but easier with a custom tool that they developed and which they are also sending to me. I will try to post a photo of the tool when I get it.

What are they charging for the tool and freewheel?

Also, that list of strida Uk dealers posted by Amuro Lee includes the dealer I mentioned AND also my useless local dealer. They are only about five miles from me, but they hold no spares and if I ask them, they then order direct from Deans Garage that I mentioned earlier seems to have a fair number of spares on hand and he doesn’t charge the ridiculous £15 minimum postal charge that Strida NL quoted me when I asked them about a rack. He charged me £4 to send a tyre and I got it two days later. I was happy with that service.

Hi EvilV,

Sorry, I don’t really know. I am probably a special case because I bought my bike directly from them as well, and the freewheel is still covered by the warranty. As for the tool, they only charged me around €4 but that may be a discounted price.

I am also lucky with delivery charges because I am on the mainland (Germany), so we’re only talking like €5 or so.


Ok - thanks StridaD. You’re lucky then.

Good luck with the job.

Hi All

I managed to get the part from Velorution (A Strida dealer just off Oxford Street, Central London) for 18 GBP, problem is they wanted to charge me 15 GBP for the tool if i wanted to fit it myself, or 30 + GBP to let them fit it.

I bought just the part & managed to get some Metal work colleagues at Work to knock up a tool to take the part off.

The new part is now on & the wheel fitted back on, but now the wheel does not seem to be running as freely, i.e. when pushing the pedals for forward motion there seems to be a bit of resistance, & when reverse pedalling (whilst the bike is upside down) makes the wheel turn in the reverse direction after a short interval.

Is this caused by the part, does it just need wearing in ???

I have not been riding thew Strida since last week now, & am getting withdrawal symptons!

Please Help, do i need to send it in to dealers, or is it an easy fix???

Thanks in advance Strida community!


Is plastic or of the later metal type?


As promised, here are some photos of the damaged freewheel, and of the tool that Strida Europe sent to me:

Excellent. Glad you put that up, and that you got the job done.

I’ve found a web page relating to the copy stridas. They seem to be selling the rear pulley for 3 euros. I’ve ordered some parts on their web page to check out how serious they are about supporting their product. Not sure the order worked though. I certainly didn’t get charged anything. I’m not sure the site is actually working yet. However, with prices like these E4 for a new belt etc, I hope they get it up and running soon.

what about your order? they answered?

No - they haven’t. I am mightily disappointed. There are phone numbers I could ring on the website, but I doubt I’d get anywhere.

Maybe, I’ll plug in my VOIP phone and have a go. I don’t speak any Chinese languages though, so I expect that if I do get around to this the conversation would be very short.