C Spanner

Anyone know where I can buy the 60mm C Spanner for the bottom bracket, in N.America?
The importers, Areaware, don’t sell one, nor know where they can be obtained.

Am I right in assuming the C Spanner is needed to loosen the bottom bracket, before adjusting the belt tension with the eccentric?

thanks, Chris.

I would just ask at your local bike shop, they should be able to order it for you from a catalog. Perhaps take a picture along to make sure they know what you’re talking about …

Chris, you just loosen the allen bolt, then tap it using a block of wood and hammer. Toward the rear wheel tightens - even though it may seem the reverse is true.

If sinniss’ suggestion works, great. But my personal experience, FWIW, was that I had to loosen the ring as well. And for me, the ring was very tight, so I really needed the c-spanner in order to be able to get enough leverage.

There is some chat and pictures about c spanners, and lock rings etc. in an earlier thread

Thanks to all. Looking at a photograph of the 5.2 eccentric bottom bracket on this forum, it seems clear to me that one risks chewing up the soft aluminum housing if the belt is adjusted without loosening the locking ring.

I have found a great source for the 58-62mm C Spanner needed (no - local bike shops are no help, at least here in the Pacific North-West). It is the AMF 54668 hook spanner, in stock and available for $20.50 + postage, from Samstag Sales in the USA. They take PayPal, and can be contacted at manager@samstagsales,com.