Buying brand new Strida LT

Hello everyone. I’m very interested in buying this unique bike, however there are no official distributors or resellers in my country.
However, some of my family members from Belgium will be visiting soon and are willing to take the Strida with them.

Now, I’d like to know what’s the lowest price of the LT and SX in Belgium and from which online store I can order it. The lowest I could find was ~650€ for the LT (with shipping from Germany).

Thanks in advance and best regards. :smiley:

Hello mr. krainz,

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650,- for the LT is a good price, however I’d recommend to go for an SX.
You will get much better 18" wheels :wink:

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Thank you for the welcome and quick reply,

The only reason I’m leaning towards the LT is the weight and smaller footprint because I’m going to be carrying it on the bus almost daily.

The SX is also about 800€ with shipping which is quite a bit more. :slight_smile:

Good point of course.
Also no problem to switch later - if you want to.

Have a safe ride, hope to meet again in near future :smiley:

Thanks for the tip. :slight_smile:

I’ve changed the name of the topic slightly, sorry about that.
However earlier today I found out that one local bike store has one LT in the store. They are selling it for 420€ because it’s been on display for a while, otherwise it’s basically new.

I’m only confused about its color - it’s dark metallic blue, and I’m not seeing it on the official website. Perhaps it’s an older model. If it is, are there any differences compared to the latest version?

Again thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

No problem.

Indeed, yes - the steering tube was reinforced at several points and the bottom bracket was modified at the latest ones.

Please compare, for example, the pics here (newer),

and here (older version):

Very helpful, thanks.
The question is how to spot different iterations on the outside, are there any guidelines for that?.
And the most important, is it worth additional ~220€?

Sorry, not sure what you mean with “iteration at the outside”?
You need explanation where the details can be found at the pics?

For my personal meaning there is no essential difference between both frame versions.
If you’re close to the upper weight limit you may prefer the newer one.
In fact are the older frame versions a little bit lighter.

I meant how to distinguish different versions of the LT just by looking at it? So far the only indication of an older model is the metallic dark blue color like this:

Hi, the dark blue photo you posted of mine is from a EVO. All EVO models have the reinforced frame. In that photo you can see one of the reinforcements that were added, it is the part under the stem which the name Strida Canada touches. It is one of several, another one is the supports added to the locking latch bracket where the bottom tubes clips to the front tube. I hope this helps.


Sorry for hotlinking your image, I just used it as a color reference. The one I saw today was 16-inch LT with this paint job. Maybe it is/was an Europe-exclusive or something?

Mr. Krainz, no problem using my photo. This was a standard colour from Strida 3 or 4 years ago. A Strida distributor could order any model of Strida with this colour but I think most were the Lt model. The dark blue looks black until you look closely and when the sun hits it you can see the metallic blue. It was very difficult to show this in a photo.

As BlackStridaAustria has mentioned the things to look for to see the difference in the frames is the support under the stem, the supports added to both sides of locking latch bracket, the added support for the front tube at the front wheel and the bottom bracket redesign.


That’s right, in the shade it was almost black, in the sunlight - metallic blue.

Do you have any photos of those improvements in your archive so I know exactly what to look for? All wepages and image hosting sites that reference them are 404’d. :angry:

EDIT: found the two main differences:

Even if it turns out to be an older model that’s still a good deal considering it’s (almost) brand new and costs about 35% less, am I right? :slight_smile:

The easiest way to compare the two frames is the look at where the stem joins the front tube, the new reinforced frame has a added support under the stem, the older frame does not. The two links that BlackStridaAustria posted earlier in the thread show this.

As to value, I am not familiar with European pricing to comment. But I would have no concerns riding a Strida with the earlier frame.


Got it, I learned so much today thank you.

Coming from the Strida expert, that’s all I needed to know. :slight_smile:

As for the pricing, well according to the today’s exchange rate and converted to CAD, the older model would cost me exactly $600, while the latest one is about $930. :confused: