Buying a Strida

[img]Greetings to all strida fans and specialists,

I am from Lisbon, Portugal, Europe, and thinking on buying a strida and join you guys.
I am a fan of this bikes long time ago when a friend of mine had one bought by his father (an MK1 model). Since then I became a fan.

Nowadays I am thinking of buying one but I am not sure which model is the best for me.
I like the evo model but as I am thinking on buying a second hand one, I didn’t found an evo model yet.

I am thinking on buying the strida I send 2 photos attached but my doubts are growing and I ask you guys some help with opinions and answering the following questions:

  1. What model is the one in the photos;
  2. The selling price for this second hand strida is €300. Is it a good price?
  3. Will I have difficulties on getting spare parts if I need to this bike. I’ve heard that MK1 parts are difficult to get.

I need to close this deal in the next 2 days, so I thank in advance your opinions, informations, and answers.

Thank you,

Hello Cesar,

welcome at Stridaforum :smiley:

Well, first we need your images.
In case of trouble with uploading them somewhere you can send them also to my mail account as below.

Kind regards,


Thanks for the quick answer Chris!
I have sent the images to your email.


Hi Cesar,

yes, thanks; I’ve already replied also in private.

Well, that looks like a fake Strida!
Please be aware and check the seller’s seriosity.

We call this bikes “SLO” - for Strida - like - object…

Maybe you can ask the seller for more, bigger images…showing for example the brake calipers or the serial number at the underside of the bottom tube.



Hi fellows,

what do you think - is that a fake Strida or not?