buy or not to buy?

hi people,

I live in a country which where strida is not sell yet. There is no strida dealers ou shops.
but, I am now in Europe and I rode one and liked very much. My point is: what do you, strida guys, think: Is it sensible to buy a strida and take it to a place where I will not find parts to replace broken or defective ones? At least, if they were too different from a ordinary bike. Is this strida a kind of bike which demands too much maintenance? And, at last, if I decide on buying, which spare parts should I take, because are more likely to break e are specific for strida?

sorry by the poor english and for this huge text…



Hi estridente,

welcome to the Stridaforum!

I guess the most important is:

Do you really like to ride it?
Yes - buy it!
No - look for another (folding) bike!

I think in times of www it’s not sensible to buy a new (Version 5.xx) Strida, because specific parts are usually available via the web, some parts can be replaced with common bike parts.
This might not apply to all parts (temporarily).
For example, the 18" wheel set is sold out at vanmoof.

Of course a Strida needs, like any other bike, some maintenance.
This can be done by any (experienced) bike store/workshop in case of big trouble.
Minor repairs are usually possible DIY - many of these solutions are shown in the forum!

Your questions are very complex and not to be answered in a few words,
please take time to browse the forum and use the search engine.

What I would like to know:

Are you above 1,75m tall?
Are there hills where you want to ride the Strida?

Cheers from Vienna!

Hi, blackstridaaustria
thank you for your comprehensive answer.
I’m really prone to buy this bike. That is fact, as you mentioned, that in www times I’ll succeed in buying the parts I need, even in Brasil. I live in a very flat city, that is, I will be ok with a one speed bike. well, I’m 1.82 m tall and 72 kg. Is that a problem? I’m considering to buy a strida 5 alu brossé.
that is it!

thank you


First, I have to explain something, for all who speak authentic English:

Accidentally I translated “sensible” to German in the meaning of “not good” or “dangerous” .

Now it looks like estridente misunderstood me the right way, I think we both have similar translating problems - both we are not speaking our mother’s tounge :blush:

I wanted to figure out whether the steering bar might touch your knees,
especially while riding curves and pedaling!

Please have a look here:

Further questions are always welcome :smiley:

Hi luis,

In South America, there is a distributor of Strida in Chile. You can ask them whether they are willing to ship parts to your country. :wink:

Interetsingly, the distributor of Strida in the USA has a Spanish website. Maybe they can ship parts to South America, too.

If the distributors in Chile and the USA cannot help you, then you can ask the Mr. in Hong Kong. :mrgreen:
[url]ChainWheel replacement for Strida 5 ? - #6 by Blackstridaaustria]