Bumped into another Strida in Bordeaux (France)

I saw this Strida in Bordeaux, it had some interesting frame protectors, that I hadn’t seen before, unfortunately, I missed the beautiful girl that rode off on it ;0(
French Strida (1).jpg
French Strida (2).jpg

From Chainstrainer :-

If you missed the rider, how do you know she was a beautiful girl? I have those same frame protectors on my Strida and know where to get them. Be forewarned, though, I am neither a girl from Bordeaux nor am I beautiful.

From Blackstrida_A_ :-

Hello Chop!,

maybe one of these girls?

The pictured original frame protectors are available i.e. here:

vanmoof.com/shop/catalog/product … cts_id=171

Then I replied :-

Chainstrainer :- Q. If you missed the rider, how do you know she was a beautiful girl?

A. Our German lighting tech told me she was a beauty, but then again girls seem to see most other girls as being beautiful!

Blackstrida_A_ :- A very nice pair indeed! (very nice Stridas!)
Looks just like one of the Hyde Park Folding Bike Society pics!

Amuro, I’m having difficulty getting all the pics over, can you finish it off please? :confused:

I tried to find the original poster of the girls on Stridas to ask if I can add it to my ‘Girls on folding bikes’ set on Flickr.

Hi Chop,

It’s okay. The problem has been solved. :wink:


P.S. The original post is here: http://www.bikeforums.net/showthread.php/733655-Bumped-into-another-Strida-in-Bordeaux-(France)


Here are more pics of


and Liz

Thanks to Amuro for posting here: