Brooks Cambium C17/C17s on a Strida?

Hi friends,

Has anyone tried or at least knew someone, seen, or read about fitting a Brooks Cambium C17/C17s on a Strida?

Any advantage or disadvantage in doing such?

Thank you.

Hi! I haven’t tried C17 but since nobody answered, here are my 2c. I don’t think C17 can be installed on Strida at all. It’s based on B17 whose rails are narrower than that of the conventional Strida saddle. If you need Brooks get yourself a Flyer. You may want to check this thread.


It is not the fact that the rails are narrower that gives a problem (this is normally a standard dimension) but the distance between the nose of the saddle and the rails. Too short, the nose will then interfere with the plastic saddle mount.

Blackstridaaustria provided the explanation here

But you are right, the C17 being based on the B17 which does not fit the Strida, we can conclude it does not fit either.

Thanks for your replies guys. I think the C17s might fit but I still haven’t found a friend who’s willing to fit theirs on a Strida. I’ll let you know as soon as I’m able to test one. Hopefully on a stock seat molding.

If you have a look at this: … 043617963/
It’s nothing like the B17

and I also found this:

that’s a Cambium on a Strida… :slight_smile:

anyone have a current update? I am considering this saddle but the price and probability it wont fit has me on the fence.

I don’t think the cambium would be a good idea for the strida due to the riding position on the strida is more upright than forward angled which one of those seats like the b17 is designed for. The best seats are the wider ones with springs like the B67 which would offset alot of the shock and vibrations going up your spine on rough roads. I myself use a specialized expedition with metal springs and wide and was able to do a 60km ride with it feeling no pain at all.

My concern after comfort is lighter weight, the C17 with its rubber saddle is was initially intrigued me. All the more comfortable saddles including the strida sprung saddle come with the negative offset of additional weight.

I have the Brooks Cambium C17 - on another bike and I can confirm this will NOT fit on the Strida EVO. Sad - I love that saddle! So it stays on my other bike!

I have Cambium C19 Carved All Weather installed on my strida Evo18. Here is my post with more details about this saddle on strida