Broken wheel bracket (magnets?)

The mechanism that holds the wheels together when a Strida is folded: what it the part name?

I need to replace the parts or replicate the functionality. Once I have the name, I know what to search for. Any alternative ideas are welcome.

Well, we call that usually just wheel magnet or magnet lock, here’s a pic of the assembly at the rear wheel:

338 magnet spacer
376 Nylon washers
336 magnet counterpart
469 steel washer
379 rear wheel bolt

For the front wheel please refer to the drawing of the manual/page 14:

375 front wheel bolt
469 steel washer
376 Nylon washer
236 magnet
276 steel washer (bigger than 469)

Anybody can tell me what is assembled before the wheel? I just came back to rebuild my old Strida and Looks like something is wrong… when I screwed everything wheel is not moving! :slight_smile:

There is nothing before/below the wheels.
I’d guess that the brake calipers need to be adjusted(?)

You’re sure that the assembly of parts was correct as above?

DSC_2104 by Damian Ewenement, on Flickr

DSC_2103 by Damian Ewenement, on Flickr


Sometimes images can help a lot…

It seems that you clamped the rear rotor not correct.

The distance from the outer edge of the hub to the bottom of the four freewheel notches is in your case about 4,6 mm - is that correct?

But it should be around 2,8 mm!

This is caused by the thickness of the brake rotor - it was not rotated correctly into its position at the corresponding profile of the hub.
You just need to open the freewheel again, rotate the rotor until it engages into its foreseen position and then tighten the freewheel - you win 1,8 mm and the frewheel won’t any longer get in touch with the frame.

Am I right?

Btw - you choosed the right rotating direction of the rotor - even if it doesn’t have a rotation arrow like the front one :wink:

Good luck,


DO you mean bearing wheels are fitted incorrectly?

Or you mean break blade is fitted wrongly?

Ok, get back to you with pics soon.

I so appreciate that!!! Ah stupid donkey… I don’t know how that guy was cycling! Now I know why belt was ripped off… eh. I’ll wait :slight_smile: I need wait for parts anyway…

The “ears” of the flange and that of the brake disc have to match to each other, like teeth of gears:

I bet yours are in fact mounted like that - the “ears” overlap and do not match, this way:

Do you see a gap between the hub’s flange and the brake disc?

Once more, from a different angle;

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Oh my God! Good is not finished yet! I hope nothing is broken! I can’t unscrew it… need go to bike shop!

DSC_2109 by Damian Ewenement, on Flickr


I hope it’s just it… and screw is not broken… I was planning change break disk and bearing wheels.

Thanks a lot! Let you know when I fix it! :slight_smile:

Many thanks again for the image!

Wait, wait…in that case it looks different - the gap is at the other side of the brake rotor!

An explanation could be this:
If you look at the actual exploded drawings of the manual you find a big washer (part nr.: 340-06).
Just, that washer was intended for the old plastic freewheel only.

That means if somebody would mount erroneously newer freewheel plus mentioned washer… :confused:

I found out what is wrong. After braking disc was Metal RING (340-06) that’s why was a GAP! I removed it and now wheel is spinning.

Thanks for your feedback! :smiley: