broken Strida 3 available for parts - free of charge

Hey all, my Strida 3’s rear wheel broke beyond repair. Right now, it’s just sitting in the garage, waiting to be moved elsewhere. Anyone interested? Free of charge, first come first serve. Hit me up.


Generous offer Sir! It’s a pity too - due to cost of shipping as I did an offer for a wheelset and was fortunate to find a new owner. Shipping makes it difficult to help others.

There was another thread of a Strida EVO 3 gear BB system replacement part - I have 2 spares and willing to let go at a lost (my 2 Strida EVO’s are going so strong I don’t think I ever use the 2xspares for now!)… but it is heavy and shipping takes away the possibility of helping another Strida-com member.

Hope someone can make use of your generous offer. Me - here in Singapore so shipping is … :neutral_face:

Good thoughts Willie but the Strida 3 has different wheels than the new Strida bikes.