Broken Joint (hook to close)

Hi, My name is Saskia.

I live in Madrid and I’m trying to figure out where I can find someone who can fix my bike. The joint completely broke. I ask the place where I bought it and they don´t have any clue. They say to ask a locksmith ¿?
I think it’s better a blacksmith because I need a new part and weld it to the bike. The piece of the bike where the hook is, got separated.

Anyone else there with the same problem? Any specialist who knows where I can get fixed my bike in Madrid, Spain? Or it’s already useless…

Thanks in advance

Hello Saskia,

welcome at Stridaforum :smiley:

I’m relatively sure that I know what you mean, but could you please supply more information?

First, we need to know your Strida version, could you figure that out yourself or could you post an image, please?
Or maybe there are pics already online, for example at Instagram?
(Alternatively, you can send images also to my email account below.)

Once we have the version we can - most likely - tell more :wink:

Kind regards,


Thanks Chris for your answer.

I am not sure of the model 3 or 5? But I have the serial number, with it maybe it’s easier to find. I will send you somes pics by mail.

Thanks again.