broken back wheel strida 1 or 2

I have got a very cheep strida 1 or 2. My problem is: the backwheel is totaly broken. that means:

  • the “crown” from the “click-” closing,
  • the ring which should hold the belt,
  • and one of the plasticspokes too…

The spoke I could fix for a while I think. The bad thing is the ring…

The only strida shop here in Vienna - Austria, told me, that from netherlands they can not get a new wheel, because new models have new systems by wheel boss screw and now they have other brakes too…

Is there anybody who knows what I can do / where I can get a new, or second-hand wheel?
Every tip is welcome!
Thanks, Dony

I live in Vienna, therefore I would like to state here:

[size=200]I will never again visit this shop !!![/size]

:imp: :imp: :imp:

Maybe you can get some hints from the following posts. :wink:
[url]Strida "2" owner needs our help! on Bikeforums - #4 by Human_Amp]
[url]Modifications of Strida 1 - #6 by Amuro_Lee]

…but Strida Europe can purchase… :unamused:

MK1 and MK2 parts pics are here:

Hi everybody!

Thanks a lot for all Replys and Links !!

Does anybody know, how to contact Mark Sanders personal?

And: Can anybody please tell me, how to upload fotos? I can not find it out…

Nice greetings,

Due to forum setting constraints, only administrators and moderators can upload photos directly to a post. :blush:

However, you can still post photos here by uploading the photos to somewhere on the internet and using the [img][/img] tags to add them to a post. :wink:

Thank You blackstridaaustria for this Informations! Wow, you are very well informed!!
I tried to contact Mark Sanders at MAS, looking forward what ever will come…

To Amuro Lee: thanks for the secret informations to upload fotos :wink: . But unfortunately I am not this good with computerprograms… So I will try to find someone, who can read Your message better than me and hopefully I can upload the pics lateron…

Nice evening everybody!

Not really… :confused:
But it might be that I’ve spent more time in Strida research than you…that’s all :slight_smile:
(And more often tried to squeeze out Amuropedia… :laughing: )

However, I do know that it is a bit tricky at the beginning to load up pics, hope this will help:

[url]Image posting at in 5 steps]


Does someone have an idea of how much can worth a strida 1 in good condition?

I know a guy who have one and he wants to sell it…


Hi Joaogam,

The problem is, that from this old Numbers, the new owner will not find new spares like screws, wheels, and so on. I asked all over the world, from Austria to Netherlands and to China and also the inventor personal could not help.

From this view, I think your friend should not ask for much. If you red this page and the problems I got, you will understand… I paid about € 130 for a good looking bike. I thought it was a fair price, but I did not know how old the materials are (The strida 1 was produced about 20 years ago!). So in the first week of using, things broke…

At least I found a polish locksmith who could help me with the ring (see below). It was a hard work and nobody can tell, when the time for the next part will come… And I am still looking out, to get a new unbroken back wheel, I myself fixed temporary.

So this is my story. Was a big disappointment! I hope you can crab my message for a fair selling.

With nice greetings and best regards,

Did you see that?

We’re all in Vienna, maybe we could help each other? :smiley:

Thanks Blackstridaaustria !!!
No, I didn’t see this. Must contact this Jakob. Lets see, if he can help :wink:
Thank you for the Link!

Thanks! And nice greetings :slight_smile: