Brakes differences

Hello to all,
I noticed that brakes calipers of my LT are different from calipers of my Evo. Evo calipers tighten the disk from two side, right?

However is seems to me that LT brakes are a little more effective and strong than EVO.

Should I re-set brakes of my EVO? Is there any tips about this?

Thank you

Hi giraz,

nowadays the manuals are supplied via CD.
Also on this CD are instructions for both types.

The doc for the older type is also here:,3453078854.pdf

Edit: Couldn’t find the newer one online; you might mail me to get it :smiley:

Hi Black Strida,
I red the manual, but I’d like to know if is there any useful tips to know about brakes settings in addition to the manual…

By the way here is the full english content of LT cd, i think is the same for Evo (I did not check it yet):
If I well understand the new brakes are explained both on file 1 at page 23 and on file 7-2, right?

Thinking for hours about special tips the most important, for my understanding, is:
Be careful with the brakes (safety relevant!) and think better twice what to do :wink:

Thank you very much for the link; good to know that somebody saved it for the public!

No, as far I can see is file 1 (manual) regarding the older version (securing hexagon set screw for the outer pad adjuster), which isn’t any longer present at the newer caliper versions.
Same at the (7-2)859 860 Colourful Disc file.

File (7-1)861 862 belongs to the newer caliper version.

Principially there’s not that much difference between old and new version:

  • The outer “four-eared” adjusting ring was skipped (shown below),

    and the adjusting device wandered to the end of the cable hose.
  • One of the small securing hex set screws (outer pad side) was also cancelled; that’s not needed with the cable adjuster.
    The adjuster is shown at pic 3.3 of the 861 862 file.

Edit: here again the four “ears” of the old version:

Thank you Black Strida, I will check in this days, as soon as the fenders and the rear rack I ordered will arrive, so I will put my Evo on the repair stand and take a better look to brakes, though I can’t completely figure out how a cable setting can adjust only one pad, and not all two pads…

Guess you’re thinking too complicated :smiley:
It’s simple: Because neither the ring nor the cable adjustment does have effect to the inner pad. The inner pad doesn’t move while pulling the brake lever.
Seems the function is intended like that:
Outer pad will touch the rotor first, with increasing force will the disc rotor be bent (!) and pressed against the inner pad.
I believe the gap to the inner pad should be kept as narrow as possible…and warped rotors are not suitable at that kind of brake calipers (Ok - maybe except floating ones)…

I could’ve sworn that both pads were moving on Evo brakes, but maybe I’m wrong… I will check more carefully!