Brake shoes for mk1

Hi there,
Can anyone tell me where to get brake shoes for my newly acquired mk1, the rear ones are missing.

The shoes were made in italy (by Barnardi), also used on motor scooters / mopeds, sinclair c5, but I am not sure where replacements would come from (another scrap Strida1, or Strida 2) front or rear are the same. But Strida 3 drums are a different diameter.

However the strida 1 had a fairly soft rear pulley/drum … similar part was much improved on Strida2 by very hard surface finishing (which looks shiny). If you still have a good rear pulley maybe you could just use front brake ?

It’s really hard to get replacements nowadays.
Although the parts of Sincliar C5 can still be ordered, we can’t order them without quoting the serial number of the vehicle. :frowning:

  1. Rear Brake Shoe Set, Part No. C5674 365

“Please quote the correct part number and the serial number of your vehicle on orders and in correspondence.”