Brake pads?


I’ve seen a few references on here to folks replacing the brake pads on their bikes after they’ve worn down. I’m wondering how I can tell when the brakes are getting worn, as I’ve had my SX now for about nine months. It gets used about five days a week, probably about 5-10 kilometers a day. Thanks.

Brake pads should last much longer than that. I’ve used mine for 2 1/2 years so far 12 kms a day for 3 seasons a year, closing to 6000km’s and the brake pads are still good. All you need to do is tune them up as close as you can without it rubbing it’s sooo much better than rim brakes. As for brake pad replacements they’re a pretty standard part, we had a chat back then that you can buy the hayes type. … f=4&t=2383