Brake cable housing detached

Hi all, glad I found this forum!

I have a Strida 3.2, bought off Craigslist a few years ago so I don’t have a manual or shop/dealer support for it. (It was never used by the previous owner.) I’m in NJ near NYC, if anyone knows a good shop to work on a Strida, please let me know. :slight_smile:

Anyway, here’s the picture of my problem:

With the left (rear) brake, the end of the cable housing has come unattached. The silver end cap (indicated by the right arrow) slides back and forth. Also, the brake lever doesn’t retract smoothly into its housing, where the left arrow is pointing, although it can be pushed in.

I haven’t been able to figure out how to open up the handle housing to investigate. Is that even possible? Any other recommendations here, or should I just take it to a shop?

Thanks very much!

  • Erik

Hello Erik, welcome!

Maybe the brake cable clamp screw at the brake lever has come loose?

I guess the nearest Strida dealer is areaware in Brooklyn:

Hi Erik, the new North American distributor is
when you click on service it takes you to The Hub full service bicycle store
cheers Bill,

Thanks for the suggestion… I’m afraid I’m not quite sure what the brake cable clamp screw is, though. Do you mean the big thumbscrew that surrounds the cable and sleeve? I can screw that all the way in but it doesn’t clamp the sleeve. The opposite brake is fine but I can’t seem to understand what clamps the sleeve on that side.

Anyway, after some more reading on the topic, I think the brake isn’t anything special to the Strida, it’s just a standard lever and drum brake. So I’ll take it to my local shop and see what they say.

No, the thumbscrew is for length adjusting of the brake cable hose (or sleeve).

I’ve meant the bolt/nut at the end of the brake drum lever, to be seen at page 20 of the manual (the one where a torque of 6 Nm is recommended).

Therefore I’ve meant that the manual could be useful :smiley:

Of course, I’m not sure if the expression “brake cable clamp screw” is correct, but it’s a description of the function of that bolt/nut.

Ok, I know what you mean now, down by the wheel not at the lever. No that is not loose. In fact the whole brake assembly is very tight there, tight enough that the brake arm hardly moves at all and the drum brake is rubbing on the wheel. The cable isn’t relaxing and releasing properly… I can’t figure out if it’s because the brake arm is stuck somehow or if it’s because the problem at the lever is pulling tension on the cable. I’ll try bringing it to my local shop sometime this week.