bought a strida mk needed...many thanks


new to the forum so thanks in advance for any help and advice

always wanted a strida but not the latest versions…picked up a mk 3 for £40…it has been well used and after giving it the once over…i have some questions…not sure if i can post pics but will try…

1…how can the snubber be adjusted on this model…it is constant contact with the belt…and a line can be seen down the middle of the belt showing where it is not making contact…

2…i think the front chain? ring is ok…teeth look ok to me but if needing to replace, are parts available…

3…the rear hub teeth look worn…can this be replaced…are parts available

4…the retaining screw for the ball joint socket springs in and out and cannot be tightened, the socket may be cracked inside…bill at stridacanada kindly provided some advice…possible that a retaining nut inside needs tightening up

5…a schwalbe black jack tyre is fitted to the rear wheel…is this a suitable size…it looks too wide

many thanks for any feedback and will look to see how to add pics to the post


Hi Andy,

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  1. According to drawings had these elder models a recessed snubber bolt.
    (Function in short: Open bolt - put feeler gauge between belt and snubber - tighten bolt - remove gauge.)

  2. The freewheel inside perhaps, but not the plastic part.

  3. No, cant’ be replaced (riveted) and not any longer available (for metal wheels, plastic ones can be found…maybe…)

  4. Possibly…pics could tell more.

  5. As long as they do not touch anything (belt, frame) they’re not too wide I believe…anyway I’d recommend to use the same tyre sizes/types front and rear :wink:

Of course you can send pics to be uploaded also to the address below,



thanks chris for the advice…will email thru a few pics to show freewheel etc



ummmmm…pretty quiet around here…

just wondered if anyone has a view on condition of rear cog/front ring before i order some parts…no point in getting bits and pieces if the ones that count are at end of life and not available…

many thanks for any input


Well, Bill and me think that both, beltwheel and pulley, are looking not that bad.

The snubber bearings are rusty but I’m pretty sure this version is not any longer available.

Ball joint can be replaced but this task is in fact a bit tricky. … nt-socket/

Again, you will not be able to order certain parts, some are out of stock since years.

many thanks to you both for your guidance…

i will order some parts and update on here once fitted…look like i will get some use out of it before it needs hanging on the wall



Last sources for ancient parts

Good luck :wink:


thanks chris

quite a good list of parts on both sites…more than i thought would be available :slight_smile:

korea seems cheaper but run the risk of customs duties/vat etc but may try an order there to start off with

all the best


just a quick update…did a small order with the korean supplier…

economy (air) shipping…arrived in uk within 13 days

cost inc shipping…£14

1 x ball joint socket
1 x rear mudguard flap

just a case of fitting and once done will look to order a few other bits…supplier very helpful too

thanks for help and signposting


Hi Andy,

thanks for the feedback :smiley:
Yes, so far it was always a good experience with the Koreans :sunglasses:

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