Bottom tube unlock

Hi Team,
My strida top tube is unlcoked and I dont know how to put it back.
Shoult it just force to lock and put it inside or is there any other way.
I have attached a picture.

Find below the picture … sp=sharing

Hi pahttch,

out of security concerns the plastic pan (p. nr. 215-11 and 215-12)
should be replaced asap!

In the document “Tips from Mark” you can find an emergency repair method,
plz scroll down to General tips, point 3.

If you want to repair that by yourself I’d recommend to select your source carefully - some dealers offer this part for exorbitant prices :unamused:

I have tried using a belt but its super hard to push back the ball inside. I tried very hard but could not.
Is there anything I can unscrew to make it easier ?


I just found this video and it works better than the belt. You should update your PDF file with this link, much easier.


The author of this pdf is Mark Sanders and not me.