Bottom bracket strida 3

Hello everyone,
I’m looking for a bottom bracket for a Strida 3. Is there anyone who has an idea where I could find one or if there is a possibility of a modification with a differend bottom bracket for a Strida 3?

It’s the one without disk brakes, plastic wheel-rims and with a plastic freewheeel case.

Thanks a lot in advance,

Hello namesake, welcome at the forum :smiley:

I think there’s no chance for an “upgrade” - which parts exactly are you looking for?
The plastic halves

and some bearing parts seem to be still in stock…in Korea!

You might also look (or perhaps ask) here:

Good luck,


Thanks a lot. I will contact the dealer from your links. Hopefully I will be able to get it repaired. It would be a shame to throw it away just because of one spare part.

If anyone has another idea, I’m always glad to hear about it.