Bolt 379 of rear wheel .. does it need to be tight ?

While doing a check to find a clicking sound …discovered that bolt 379 of the rear wheel was loose.
Is this bolt suppose to be tight ?
However when i tighten the bolt … the rear wheel magnet does not rotate anymore…i.e no more free play in the magnet

Any idea on whether i should tighten the bolt fully ?


of course should this bolt not be loose.
But I’d recommend a very low torque for tensioning it!
If your part 336 (magnet counterpart) doesn’t spin free any longer I’d suspect that there’s something wrong either with part 338 (below) or perhaps the nylon washers 376 were broken and got lost.
Could you please check condition and parts sequence according to this pic?

If you’re searching for a clicking sound please read also these threads:
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Edit: There is anyway a thread locking compound, like Loctite, required to secure bolt 379!!

Arrgh …you r correct. part 338 is cracked. The ring is seperated from the spacer.

Thanks for your feedback!

That’s leading to speculations why part 338 was broken…

Hmmm…you have to decide:
Is it possible that you simply tightened the bolt 379 too much?
(I mean it’s no shame to brake it that way - I needed two or three of these parts to learn this!)
In that case you just need to replace 338, put a little bit grease on the washers and tighten the bolt very careful (please don’t forget Loctite!).

But if you’re sure that is was broken “by its own” you have to dig deeper;
first of all you need to take a closer look at the rear joint (opposite side of magnet counterpart), at freewheel and belt condition.

I do believe that the whole rear area of our bikes must be seen as a complex system, that isn’t just an assembly of parts. A little issue here combined with another small disalignment there may result in massive failure overall…

Hope you’re able to find parts locally?

Thank you for your help … very useful info. The part was probably deformed but broke off total when i torque it too much when putting it back.

Unfortunately my local dealer do not have parts , so will have to source online.

  1. In the meantime, if i tighten the bolt, i would assume that it is still safe to ride , just that the magnet will not spin. The spacer is not load bearing right ?

  2. You mentioned that i should look for other misalignment in the rear wheel joint … any tips on what to look out for ?

Thank you for being patient with a bike newbie here :slight_smile:

Maybe it was tightened too much from the beginning…
How old is your Strida?
Do you know how many kilometres it was ridden so far?

  1. I believe that - as long as there is a spacer (washer) between 336 and wheel - it should be Ok.
    You can’t loose the wheel, that’s impossible. The washers’s diameter is anyway smaller than the outer bearing ring, so they can’t get in touch.

  2. I’ll try to list some points to look closely:

  • How’s the condition of your freewheel’s teeth?
    Read more and compare here
  • Wobbly rear wheel?
    (Is it possible to move the rear wheel in relation to the frame tubes.)
  • Condition of cup spring 363 (367 or nowadays 367-3), washer 364 and bolt 373?
    (respectively frame tube condition below - this again is crucial for the pre-tension of the cup spring)
  • Both bolts 274 are 100% tight?

I got 2 strida 2nd hand about 2 year old. Probably used for about less than 150km.

The rest of the rear wheel and belt seems ok. Thanks for your link, i finally got replacement parts from the korean site.

Replaced part 338 and seems ok for now. Will have to ride it awhile to make sure. Also ordered extra part 338 just in case.
Lets hope it is just a simple case of over tightened parts.