Black Strida besides Vienna's roads... HDR images

Hello Strida fans,
here a few impressions of a forsaken industrial area, officially closed, near my home…

Hope you like them…
1024x768 resolution is here:

Camera used:
Sony Cybershot DSC-T9

Software used:

Irfanview 4.25

LuminanceHDR 2.0.2

Photomatix Pro 4.0.2

Best regards,


Great pictures! :sunglasses:

Really funky, it’s like visions of people riding strida’s while on acid :slight_smile:

Thanks, Amuro!

WTF? Why did you know… :laughing:

In fact, we have excellent beer brewery in “crawling manageable” distance here :smiling_imp:


F A B images !! thanks for sharing :sunglasses:

Very interesting pics, thanks!

P.S. one thing I noticed is that your seat position is pretty high, you must be tall :wink:

Thank you all!

The most work did the software, to be honest…

You’re right, nearby 1,90m, without bended steering I would never be able to ride curves :blush: :unamused: