Black anodized Strida parts

…maybe anyone want to see some Strida special parts…got them today from anodizing :smiley:



These are original Strida parts, TRP bolts from ML 930 (to be fixed on my black Strida), and some homemade parts.


  1. bended steering (original Strida)
  2. kickstand mounting plate (original Strida)
  3. handlebar spanner (original Strida)
  4. kickstand clamp plate (original Strida)
  5. brake lever bolts (by TRP)
  6. handlebar release buttons for Strida (homemade)
  7. brake cable connectors for Strida (homemade, I did not like the originals, shown below to the left)

I do not anodize aluminium by myself, but I am highly interested in anodizing titanium.

All black parts were anodized by:
…blue, green, red, yellow, purple and gold also available…

better pics here: … 20an%20Al/

Best regards

V V NICE !!!


I know we’ve spoken last week about the factory that anodizes parts for you. And that the original measurements of the part stay the same. Because first they corrode the surface and then anodizing adds the same amount of material that the corroding has robbed.

But I didn’t realize how cool the results look!

Oh yes, as said, that is professional work :smiley:

But I think that shinyness can be beaten…by the brilliance of anodized titanium :sunglasses:

Small, but worth seeing gallery here:

That black anodizing looks so good.