Big handlebar buttons


Some pictures here on the forum show nice big handlebar buttons. Does anybody know where/how to get them?


Hi Tom__,

you are looking for…


These are highest probably from a “kind of special series”, sold only at HKStridaClub:
here the post: (login req.)

And here, I’m sorry to say, the reply of joel tse:

Blackstridaaustria wrote:
Are these available in Europe too?
Best regards

joel tse wrote:
I think can use in Europe.
But now is sold out.

Do you live in Europe?

Meanwhile maybe you want to know how to change them?

here: a good step-by-step in pictures (please open the pics manually)

found on :

for these : [url]Handlebar release button DIY]
I’m able to provide a drawing with the dimensions for DIY.

Best regards

Hi Blackstridaaustria,

Yes, your buttons look perfect :slight_smile:
This is the last annoying little detail on my Strida.

I live in Cologne, Germany.

A drawing with the dimensions would be great. I’m not able to make them myself, but I am sure I can find someone.

Any information about the change will be appreciated.


Hope the pics work now?

@Tom__: Stand eigentlich etwas in den Forenregeln von Englisch-Sprechzwang? :slight_smile:

I know the pictures from the large Chinese modification post. The idea with the 2 part buttons is nice but not necessary. Just a little “more” button so they can be pushed comfortable. It’s cold outside and I would like to push the buttons without removing my gloves. :slight_smile:

The buttons on your pictures look nice. I have seen them before. Actually I adapted the idea to put the brake cables over the stem from you pictures.

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PS: It’s an international board so we should use English.

No, these buttons are standard parts of the latest batches of Strida and being sold as upgrade parts for NT$200 in Taiwan. As the local distributor here do not import those buttons separately, Joel bought a small quantity from Taiwan and sold them to the members of HK Strida Club. I think you can ask your local distributor in Europe whether they will import those buttons separately as upgrade parts.

I’m sorry that the last pair was bought by me actually. :blush:

You can open all the pictures by clicking the “載入圖片” button at the right top corner of the post. :wink:

Hi Amuro,

many thanks for correcting, translating and useful tips! :smiley:

@Tom__: I’ve edited the release button post…

Best wishes to all!

I asked Vanmoof.

“We do not have the pins (yet) but maybe they will come in our shop.”

Thanks for the infos and the drawing.

Best Regards

Got the new handlebar pins yesterday. Thanks again @bsa.

Hope you’ll like it!

Thanks! :smiley:


Congratulations Tom__ ! :slight_smile:
By the way, do you still want the big handlebar buttons made by Ming Cycle? :unamused:


No the pins work fine even with winter gloves.

And I don’t think I will need new ones in the near future, they are made of titanium. :smiling_imp:

Wow! They’re really cool! :sunglasses:

Hi Tom

Where did you get the buttons from, and how much? is it available in Europe?

Thanks in advance

nindyz :wink:

The design is from @blackstridaaustria. He created the buttons for himself. Read here

I ordered them from a local precision mechanic.

Thanks for the link Tom_

They do look alot better than the Ming version, will see if i can get someone to make them :stuck_out_tongue:

Funny for me: A couple of weeks ago I also got a new pair of handlebar release buttons, made of Titanium!

They were made in Germany.

I did not try to make them by myself, because my machine is very small and much too weak for Titanium, which is extraordinary hard to handle.

To be honest, I should mention here:
These kind of buttons do have a disadvantage, it might be possible that the button “locks” in the handlebar tube, when pushed in too much.

@nindyz: If you are not able to find a local mechanic, please come back to the forum :wink: