better cranks, what is the chainwheel BCD?

I have 2 Dahons now but I’m thinking of getting a Strida for quicker folding/easier train commutes.

I’m a weight weenie and would want lighter cranks like a Cannondale Hollowgram with BSA bearing adapters and a downhill spider that has a 104/64mm BCD.
Would the Strida chainwheel fit a 104 or 64 BCD?

Hello ttakata73,

Strida beltwheel BCD = 104 mm :smiley:

Thanks for the quick info.
That’s good to know.

My goal is to lose 2KG+ eventually.
Swap the cranks, pedals, brake lines, grips, saddle, and remove the rack.

Well after looking at the bottom bracket pics more, I see the sealed bearings are press fit and not in threaded cups like a standard BSA bb.

So you’re pretty much stuck with this BB and can only replace the crankarms.
Oh well, it’s still a cool bike that I may purchase.

I’d suggest you take a closer look at Genuine_S posts,
as well as to his blog and flickr account :wink:

So far, he seems to be the expert for lightweight mods here.

I’m also planning a very light Strida, but more as a long term project.
Already collected were super light tyres - many thanks to Genuine_S :smiley:
and a bunch of Titanium parts but I’m still searching for a cheap frame.