Best Noseless saddle for strida?

Any suggestions? I have no clue what would FIT or what wouldn’t.

Anyone tried any noseless saddle on your strida?

Personally I am interested in nexride standard and spongy wonder.


I have no experience with such saddles, but between the 2 proposed saddles, I would personally go for the Spongy Wonder rather than for the Nexride one. The Nexride saddle can indeed tilt sideways which could make the Strida less controllable in view of its already twitchy behavior :confused:

It looks like both saddles have the classic double rail fixing system, so they should fit on the Strida. As there is no saddle nose, there is almost no risk of interfering with the seat tube.

If you have the opportunity to purchase the saddle from a dealer, ask for a test ride first: you will see whether it fits the Strida and whether you can ride it safely.

Check also these brands: ISM, Proust

Hello Iniju4ever,

thanks for your first post and welcome to Stridaforum!

First I’ve read “noiseless” and couldn’t imagine the saddle noise :laughing:

Yes, agree to Bietrume, especially about the nose.
But, unfortunately, the spongy wonder does have a “rail nose”!

If you try to fix the spongy you must also cut out the seat molding to create room for this nose - definitely not recommended.
(Red circled area below.)

Besides of that - if you get a double rail version - the additional rail would cover the saddle bolt hole.

I’d say the nexride might fit, the spongy surely not :cry:

Thank you for your kind replies, everybody:)

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