Bended (sic) Steer Kit

Added steering upgrade to my 5 last week. I’m not particularly tall (175 cm), but I always felt that the steering was somewhat ‘twitchy’. Quite honestly - it took 5 minutes. Big improvement to the feel of the steering and the ride position feels better - entirely subjective, I’m leaning a little more forward.
Only one criticism: the kit comes with brake levers and grips attached - an unecessary duplication of what is on the original bars. Seems like a waste of materials when I’m trying to save the planet.

Following my experience, you will be addicted with the special feeling of Strida rides :slight_smile:

Hi Palladio.
What is the ‘steering upgrade’? The cowboy handlebars?


Hi Minkair

Here is the Bent Handlebar in Velorution London