Beltwheels by Five Big

Alternative aluminium beltwheel sets for Strida 3 and Strida 5 by Five Big Enterprise, Taiwan:

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Skype: victoria.wuliu

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Type BELT-100T-G4 (G3) for Strida 5
this type should also fit the EVO [verification tba]

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Color by order…

According to the manufacturer, there are for now just a few sets of the G4 (G3) type in Europe, these are black and silver:

These sets are part of a promotion offer from Five Big Enterprise for readers of!

original (plastic) beltwheel + crank + chainring bolts ~ 650 g
single original crank ~ 230 g

smt aluminium wheel + crank + chainring bolts ~ 710 g
Single smt crank ~ 230 g

Type [tba] for Strida 3
right crank without spider, built-in freewheel

Type BELT-100T-G2 (G1) for Strida 5
similar to G4 (G3), but different belt guidance

details will be edited…

The few first European sets (G4 type, silver and black) are available via private sale in Vienna,
for further questions please mailto:

:exclamation: Hint: Crank extractor tool required for beltwheel set installation!

Looks like only the last one has belt guard on the inner side.

Btw, do they make rear freewheels for strida?

On the first type the belt guard is realized via one “guard tooth” per tooth of the wheel on the inner side.
(Please refer to pic 7)

I’ll ask for it…
Guess your wish is a steel freewheel?

Thank you, I’ve overlooked that. Such guard teeth might be good in helping preventing belt twisting…

Thank you.

Or at least an aluminium one with hard anodizing.

New pics from Taiwan :smiley:

Strida 3 beltwheels:

I’ll ask for it…
Guess your wish is a steel freewheel?
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Well, please email me for further freewheel info: :smiley:

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here is a photo from our Taiwanese riders, they assembled the 3.0 version belt wheel in aluminum one yesterday. So, I posted here to share with all of you…

hope you like it, and if you have any comment, please let me know :wink: