Belt tightening when the belt tightening nut is lost:(

Hi, I would like to know if anyone can advice me as my belt tightening nut is lost.I have done the step of loosening of the C ring as suggested by many here. I tried to place a allen key in pulling and it did not seem to budge

They do not seem to work. Anyone can offer any advice?

Hello farastein,

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You might try to loosen the big groove nut a bit more, maybe 1 or 2 turns.
After that, hit the crank axle (in it’s direction) with a wooden or plastic hammer alternating from right and left side (exactly on the crank bolts).
I guess the bottom bracket is seized up in the aluminium tube housing of the frame.

As mentioned before in private, the central bolt of the bottom bracket should be replaced as soon as possible (it’'s the safety bolt to prevent the bottom bracket from moving).
The correct bolt size (without kickstand) is M8 x 16 mm.

As always, please may we have some pics?

Dear farastein,

many thanks for your picture!

We have here a massive construction failure of a fake Strida:

As you can see above, the slots for the tensioning bolt are significantly different:
The slot of the fake Strida is much shorter than the Original one, because some idiot (yes, I mean it exactly that way) welded a block of metal on the bottom of the bracket housing, the block is covering the slot partially.

Of course, it is impossible to adjust the belt tension properly.

Obviously should this part (green frame) replace the kickstand spacer, but the builders of this “bike” did not understand the function of the excentric bottom bracket :unamused:

Copying without brain will never work - greets to China!

Here’s the Original kickstand spacer (red arrow), seen from the front, the rear and left side:

Naturally, the Original spacer is NOT welded on the frame, it MUST be moveable.

The last, small chance for you might be the following:
Usually is the bottom bracket mounted that way (A)

Maybe your bracket is mounted like type B :question:
(The tension direction is inversed to type A.)

Do you understand the difference between type A and B?

Honestly, I’d try to return the “bike” to the dealer and insist on refund.
I mean even for half the price of a genuine Strida is something like that not acceptable.