Belt Slipping

Hello all.
I know there have been several postings about how to tighten the belt but my adjustment nut is already maxed out on the tightest setting and I am still slipping. My understanding is these kevlar belts are virtually indestructible and last “forever”… Seems strange that it would stretch out.
Should I just replace it? If so, where to order?
I used to buy directly from Stida but this one I bought from Areawear. I’m not sure they even sell them there any more.
And the Strida website is a hot mess.
I roll on an S5. I ride it daily all year round. I’ve had this version maybe 3 years (had several previous models).
Thank you.


Keep the belt but take a look at your freewheel, the teeth might be completely worn out which results in a smaller outer diameter of the freewheel, preventing the belt to be tightened even more.
The freewheel is not particularly wear resistant, especially if you ride when it rains and on dirty roads. See also these threads: [url]Photos of Stridas in Hong Kong] and [url]Photos of Stridas in Hong Kong]

If I hold the bike secure and pedal, the belt slips and it appears to be slipping around the back flywheel. It also seems like grooves on the back are not as deep as the larger front – tho kinda hard to tell.
Next steps?

As mentioned in my previous answer, the next step is to replace the rear pulley/freewheel.