Belt for a Strida Mini

The belt of my Strida Mini broke, how can I find a new one ??
The reference seems to be
1280-8M-13M type belt
Thank you for your help !

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Hello Catherine,

welcome at Stridaforum :smiley:

Unfortunately, that is not so easy…
The reference is HTD-1280-8M and 13M means the width of the belt.
These belts are actually standard size (for machines and possibly cars, too),
but the problem is the width.
Example:HTD 1280-8M / width 85 mm
Please give me a few days, I’ll try to find somebody who is able to cut standard belts to size.
In which country do you live?
Kind regards,

Well, that went much faster than expected…

These belts can be made in Vienna, the price is 47 € / unit (including trackable shipping within the EU).

Waiting for your advice dear lady :bouquet:

Hello Chris,
Thank you very much for your answers!

If I understanfd well, what is needed for a Strida Mini is a width oh 13 mm (HTD-1280-8M 13M, according to the information provided by Friso from (and 13 mm seems to fit the measurement I took on my bike - unfortunately I lost the broken belt itself.)
And you say what is available is a width of 85 mm and thus it would need to be cut to size?

After I posted my question this morning I tried to understand something about belt specifications and I came across an offer for precisely HTD-1280-8M 13M here: 1280-8M-13 HT Timing Belt – Belt Zoom
But was not quite certain I had understood everything completely.

Do you think this might indeed fit my need ? Better have the right dimension right away without having to cut a belt?
Thanks awfully for your help!
By the way I live near Paris (and the Paris Strida shop closed down :frowning: )


1280-8M-13 means the following
1280-8M-13 is 1280 mm chord length (circumference) of th belt
1280-8M-13 is the module of the belt in mm, that is -here- one tooth every 8 mm. You can devide the chord length by the module and You get the number of teeth on the belt: 1280/8= 160 teeth.
1280-8M-13 is the width of the belt in mm. That’s how wide the belt is.

regards: Klaus

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Well, yes. It should as this is an unambiguous industry standard.

regards: Klaus

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Bonjour Catherine,
gladly, that’s the reason for me to be here – to deliver answers :nerd_face:
Yes, you understood well.

Not exactly; these belts are manufactured generally as a wide „band“ (maybe 400 mm or more).
What I showed before was an example, already cut to size of 85 mm.
Meanwhile I’ve found a company in Vienna which has the wide belt „blanks“ (in X width) and a cutting machine – and this company sells the belts in the desired width.

That is very interesting of course…and you did not get the sentence below after clicking on „checkout“ ? :

This store isn’t set up to receive orders yet.
Contact the store directly for help.

Yes, I do think so.

You could do the following to be 200% sure: Take a flexible ruler and simulate with it the original belt path at your bike, you should get something near 1,27 m. (Yes, 1,27 m – trust me.)
This belt has 160 teeth, the pitch (one tooth) is 8 mm - > 160 x 8 = 1280 mm. (1 cm less because the ruler will be laying directly on the teeth of freewheel and beltwheel.)

Not really, because all belts have been cut initially, so there will be no difference.

Ah I see, Paris…yes I’ve heard that about the French Strida guy…one of the very few who had also some ancient parts…at least, back then… :expressionless:

Wow, you’re amazing fast, thank you :+1:

Good morning
“shop not set up to receive orders”! I had not got that far into it… I sent a ms and they said the right site was VBeltGuys - with a nice site in French and very cheap belts… but a lot of transportation so I think I’ll stay (relatively) local!.

So my advice is to go for your kind offer of the « cut to size » belt. (and should there be a “slow” mode of transportation, all the better)
Can you please tell me how we can proceed?
Thanks again
and also to @KWie for the information!

Hello Catherine,
sure, please just send me a pm.
The company said the production will take 1-2 weeks.